Paula Meadows - Janus 38

As promised last week we are pleased to publish a small selection of additional images of Paula Meadows which turned up after the publication of Encore Janus 9 last year. (For the full story click here.)

The first image was actually used for the letters page header in later issues of Februs but it is so lovely we thought collectors would like to have a high quality copy. The other five images were all taken to accompany the ‘Punishment Series’ feature in Janus 38 and include two beautiful impact shots. Paula was regularly caned at the time by the editor of Janus and these images leave us in no doubt about the severity of those punishments.

You can find more images from this photo shoot here but if you’re looking for a full set of high quality photos then Encore Janus 9 should hit the spot!

You can download copies of both these magazines by clicking on the highlighted links.

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Fiona Bruce

If you missed ‘Antiques Roadshow’ on Sunday night we can certainly recommend you catch it on the BBC iPlayer this week. The team was at Scone Palace in Perthshire where a former teacher had brought along an original three-tailed Lochgelly tawse.

The implement in question had seen extensive service in the 1970s and was displayed with an order form detailing all the various sizes, weights and prices of different straps. It was quite a thrill to see how keen presenter Fiona Bruce was to handle the tawse. As a former winner of the ‘Rear of the Year’ here in the UK, I’m sure many of us have imagined the lovely Ms Bruce baring her bottom to receive the sting of just such an implement.

Hopefully the images below provide a nice record of Fiona’s encounter with the tawse.

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Paula Meadows - Janus

It’s fair to say that working on the Janus archive can be unpredictable – just when you think you’re unlikely to find any more images of a particular model or photo shoot something turns up out of the blue to prove you wrong.

A month or so back a long-time contributor to Janus and Februs was clearing out a shed at the bottom of his garden when he discovered a collection of original prints and artwork used to create the magazines. This content, which he long since thought to be destroyed, has now been safely returned to archive. There are quite a few delights amongst the treasures he has returned; not least some missing prints from Paula Meadows appearances in Janus.

When Encore Janus 9 was published last year we released every image of Paula held in the Janus archive at that time. To complement that collection, we are making these additional images available to everyone over the next two weeks.

First up is the original photo that Paula used to create the cover illustration for Fessee 1, along with that illustration for comparison. Written on the bottom of the original print, in Paula’s own handwriting, is the caption ‘How to be an intellectual – the paper is upside down!’

We’re not too sure about the origin of the colour photo, although we have a feeling it did appear in Janus or Februs at some point, but it may well have been taken during Paula’s earlier modeling career. If you can shed any light on the origin of this image and where it appeared, please drop us a line at

Finally, there is an additional photo from Paula’s appearance as Lesley in Janus 21. (You’ll find some more photos from this set here.) Next week we’ll be featuring further images of Paula in Janus 38. You can download any of these magazines by clicking on the highlighted links.

It goes without saying if you have in your possession any original content that was used to create these wonderful magazines please do get in touch. We would be delighted to share it with other like-minded collectors.

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Free spanking photos from Janus 39.

‘Wendy East! Come!’

Mr Jardine is feeling a strong urge to use his cane. Not that Wendy has done anything at all to merit the cane but that is not likely to stop Mr Jardine. Girls, can always do with a caning, can’t they.

‘A whole day of general non-cooperation and slacking,’ pronounces Mr Jardine, unable to think of anything specific. His eyes are shining with simulated anger. Wendy shakes her pretty head in bewilderment. The brow is furrowed, the long lashed eyes downcast. 

Suddenly Mr Jardine has a cane in his hand. He leans out to tap his flexible wand on a high stool. ‘Over there, Miss. We’ll see how you like the stick on your bottom. My word I’m going to teach you what is required at this establishment.’

As promised, we are pleased to feature a selection of high quality black and white images of Wendy’s punishment, including a lovely outtake. (There is also something particularly good about the first photo below, as Wendy looks ruefully over her shoulder at the cane.)

If you want to see more images from this set you can download copies of Janus 39 and Janus 143 by clicking on the highlighted links.

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Janus 39 spanking

Free spanking photos from Janus 39.

Since we published our retrospective on Janus 39 last week, we’ve received plenty of emails from readers who remember this issue in particular with a lot of affection. Wendy East was certainly one of the most popular models to grace the pages of Janus, but there is also a lot of love out there for Sarah Denton. Perhaps Monty summed things up best in his tweet:

J39 in my top five issues, Wendy was wonderful but Sarah, with her big bottom turned up over Sir’s knee, also unforgettable

We agree! We’re delighted to publish some high quality scans of Sarah’s punishment from the surviving black and white prints. Sadly a lot less material exists from this classic shoot than we would wish. Ironically, because it was the subject of an ‘Encore Janus’ feature in Janus 143, the prints used to create that retrospective were lost or destroyed – what we wouldn’t give for a time machine!

You can download copies of Janus 39 and Janus 143 by clicking on the highlighted links. Next week we’ll be publishing some photos from Wendy’s caning.

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