Recovering the Past – Paula Meadows

It’s fair to say that working on the Janus archive can be unpredictable – just when you think you’re unlikely to find any more images of a particular model or photo shoot something turns up out of the blue to prove you wrong.

A month or so back a long-time contributor to Janus and Februs was clearing out a shed at the bottom of his garden when he discovered a collection of original prints and artwork used to create the magazines. This content, which he long since thought to be destroyed, has now been safely returned to archive. There are quite a few delights amongst the treasures he has returned; not least some missing prints from Paula Meadows appearances in Janus.

When Encore Janus 9 was published last year we released every image of Paula held in the Janus archive at that time. To complement that collection, we are making these additional images available to everyone over the next two weeks.

First up is the original photo that Paula used to create the cover illustration for Fessee 1, along with that illustration for comparison. Written on the bottom of the original print, in Paula’s own handwriting, is the caption ‘How to be an intellectual – the paper is upside down!’

We’re not too sure about the origin of the colour photo, although we have a feeling it did appear in Janus or Februs at some point, but it may well have been taken during Paula’s earlier modeling career. If you can shed any light on the origin of this image and where it appeared, please drop us a line at

Finally, there is an additional photo from Paula’s appearance as Lesley in Janus 21. (You’ll find some more photos from this set here.) Next week we’ll be featuring further images of Paula in Janus 38. You can download any of these magazines by clicking on the highlighted links.

It goes without saying if you have in your possession any original content that was used to create these wonderful magazines please do get in touch. We would be delighted to share it with other like-minded collectors.