Paula Meadows – Recovered Images From Janus 38

As promised last week we are pleased to publish a small selection of additional images of Paula Meadows which turned up after the publication of Encore Janus 9 last year. (For the full story click here.)

The first image was actually used for the letters page header in later issues of Februs but it is so lovely we thought collectors would like to have a high quality copy. The other five images were all taken to accompany the ‘Punishment Series’ feature in Janus 38 and include two beautiful impact shots. Paula was regularly caned at the time by the editor of Janus and these images leave us in no doubt about the severity of those punishments.

You can find more images from this photo shoot here but if you’re looking for a full set of high quality photos then Encore Janus 9 should hit the spot!

You can download copies of both these magazines by clicking on the highlighted links.