The Return of Mr Jardine (Part Two) – Free Spanking Photos From Janus 39

Free spanking photos from Janus 39.

‘Wendy East! Come!’

Mr Jardine is feeling a strong urge to use his cane. Not that Wendy has done anything at all to merit the cane but that is not likely to stop Mr Jardine. Girls, can always do with a caning, can’t they.

‘A whole day of general non-cooperation and slacking,’ pronounces Mr Jardine, unable to think of anything specific. His eyes are shining with simulated anger. Wendy shakes her pretty head in bewilderment. The brow is furrowed, the long lashed eyes downcast. 

Suddenly Mr Jardine has a cane in his hand. He leans out to tap his flexible wand on a high stool. ‘Over there, Miss. We’ll see how you like the stick on your bottom. My word I’m going to teach you what is required at this establishment.’

As promised, we are pleased to feature a selection of high quality black and white images of Wendy’s punishment, including a lovely outtake. (There is also something particularly good about the first photo below, as Wendy looks ruefully over her shoulder at the cane.)

If you want to see more images from this set you can download copies of Janus 39 and Janus 143 by clicking on the highlighted links.