Paula Meadows

Janus 21 featured the second appearance of Paula Meadows as Lesley to accompany Richard Manton’s excellent story ‘Lesley: A Sound Thrashing’. Paula had previously appeared as Lesley in Janus 13 and had been illustrating the magazine since Janus 14, although her name rarely appeared beside her early illustrations.

At the time readers were unaware of the fact that ‘Lesley’ was also the Janus illustrator but that all changed in Janus 28 when the inside back cover promised an ‘amazing interview with our artist’ in the next issue. The interview and photos in Janus 29 lived up to the billing and it’s an essential read for all who appreciate her work.

Her last significant appearance as a model in the pages of Janus was in issue 38 which will be available to download in the near future.

Many will be aware that Paula went on to edit and illustrate Februs for each of it’s 48 issues and she also appeared on a number of occasions as a model. Digital editions of Februs will be appearing in our online shop shortly.

Janus photographer Roy Tersley has restored some of the images of Paula from issue 21 that survive in the Janus archive and we are pleased to feature them below. To see the rest of these photos and the accompanying story you can download a digital copy of Janus 21 here. To download issues of other magazines featuring Paula click on the highlighted links.

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