It may be hard to believe but it is now 30 years since Janus launched the ground breaking St Winifred’s Trilogy. For many, these films still hold a special affection and it seems right to celebrate what was a landmark production. New downloads of all three films (The Athletes’ Lesson, The Sixth Formers’ Lesson and The Head Girl’s Lesson) have been created and are available by clicking on the highlighted links.

And that’s not all! We’re delighted to announce the launch of ‘Encore Janus 1’ celebrating the 30th anniversary of the St Winifred’s Trilogy. This new downloadable magazine will feature full-page, restored images of all 148 black and white photos taken during the filming of the trilogy plus retrospective articles about the background to the shoot, the cast and the venue. The magazine will be available to download on Friday 3rd August – check back here then for more details.

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‘Trust me,’ he said, but his eyes betrayed a glint of mischief. Was it just my imagination, or did I detect a hint of danger too, or did he plant that in my mind? ‘Think of it as a sort of initiation,’ he went on. ‘Your reactions might surprise you.’ Something leapt inside me; an erotic spark fired by my desire to experience more than the usual venture into unknown territory. 

So, I received my instructions and at the appointed time arrived at a rather ordinary looking Victorian town house. The door opened automatically when I pressed the buzzer; but no one came to get me. The only way to go was up, so that was what I did, climbing the carpeted stairs, passing locked doors, until at last an open door beckoned me in. 

Warily, I entered a strangely lit, almost empty space with no visible window, the only piece of furniture an ominous padded wooden structure. Placed upon it, in stark isolation, was a single implement. I don’t know how long I waited but it seemed that my whole being was concentrated upon this simple but significant object. My head felt dizzy, my heart thundered in my ears. Did I think of running away? Certainly not! And then my man stepped into the room and my ordeal began… 

Amanda’s visit to the House of Exquisite Corrections appeared in Februs 28 but only featured across five pages. We’re pleased to include a selection of unpublished photos from the shoot for your enjoyment. To see more of Amanda’s ordeal you can download a copy of Februs 28 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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We’ve added a couple of new issues of Blushes to our online shop this weekend. Blushes 34 and Blushes 55 are now available to download by clicking on the highlighted links.

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UK broadcaster Channel 4 is airing a special on ’50 Shades of Grey’ at 22.00 on Sunday 29th July. From the details so far released about the programme (below), it sounds like it will make interesting viewing! 

Sex Story: 50 Shades of Grey looks at the phenomenon that is the UK’s fastest selling paperback of all time. Has Fifty Shades of Grey really transformed us from a nation of prudes to one of happy spankers? It may have brought bondage into the mainstream, but are we Brits really ready to take the plunge and embrace a spot of sexual experimentation?

From visiting a spanking class where novices are trained in the art of a good caning to exploring the world of an S&M couple, who have written sex contracts with each other and have honed their more extreme practice to perfection. This documentary will uncover what the Fifty Shades of Grey craze tells us about 21st century Britain. The sociological and cultural effects it’s having in the UK will be tested, as sales of obscure classical music and bondage gear are found to be on the increase. A book club from north Yorkshire read the bestseller for the very first time and share their verdict whilst the UK’s leading adult retailer Ann Summers reveal what steps they are taking to exploit this latest trend. Psychologist and sex columnist Pamela Stephenson and Brooke Magnanti, writer and author of Belle De Jouralong with others also tell viewers their reaction to the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon.

The book has crossed continents, class barriers and even the context in which porn is actually read – on the train, in book groups and even at the hairdressers. This cultural phenomenon could only have happened in the digital age, as the book that began online as free fan fiction has turned into a publishing spectacle, making an epic journey from online to Kindle to paperbacks selling out in supermarkets.

Using archive footage, we’ll compare this latest spectacle with the other S&M books and films that have made a cultural splash – does this particular book really go further than any mainstream erotica has gone before? This documentary will place the Fifty Shades of Grey in the context of a well-established tradition of erotic writing that’s long been getting us hot under the collar and making us wonder what everyone else is really getting up to in the bedroom.

Victoria Coren’s hilarious column in this week’s Observer is also all about the novel – it’s worth a read. Click here.

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Tracey seemed to be part of the summer garden, brighter than the summer flowers where she sat in the wicker rocker. The hot, dry day fed its perfumes into her senses, stirring the lovely girl to sighs of unexpressed and unidentified longings. It was here that her friend, Lisa, found her when she came to call, advancing cat-like across the mown grass, black-clad and dark of hair, till she leaned on the chair-back to stop its subtle motions. Tracey looked up. Their faces were close. Eyes searched eyes, without need for words.

‘Come along inside.’ Bidden, Tracey rose, and allowed herself to be led towards the ivy-thick walls of the house and its beckoning doorway. At the entrance to the bedroom the blonde girl hesitated, casting an almost coquettish glance into the other’s steady gaze.


‘Please Lisa…’ came the tremulous reply. ‘Like we did before? Can we?’ Only more, yearned a voice inside her head. This time more…

We hope you enjoy this selection of photos featuring Lisa and Tracey from the Janus archive. To download Janus 72 just click on the highlighted link.

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