Foreplay – Janus 72

Tracey seemed to be part of the summer garden, brighter than the summer flowers where she sat in the wicker rocker. The hot, dry day fed its perfumes into her senses, stirring the lovely girl to sighs of unexpressed and unidentified longings. It was here that her friend, Lisa, found her when she came to call, advancing cat-like across the mown grass, black-clad and dark of hair, till she leaned on the chair-back to stop its subtle motions. Tracey looked up. Their faces were close. Eyes searched eyes, without need for words.

‘Come along inside.’ Bidden, Tracey rose, and allowed herself to be led towards the ivy-thick walls of the house and its beckoning doorway. At the entrance to the bedroom the blonde girl hesitated, casting an almost coquettish glance into the other’s steady gaze.


‘Please Lisa…’ came the tremulous reply. ‘Like we did before? Can we?’ Only more, yearned a voice inside her head. This time more…

We hope you enjoy this selection of photos featuring Lisa and Tracey from the Janus archive. To download Janus 72 just click on the highlighted link.

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