Tracy Wilkes – Free Caning Photos from Janus 27

A caning for Tracy Wilkes in Janus 27.

Cecil Brimpton was perturbed. It wasn’t an unusual state of affairs as far as he was concerned, because anything that interrupted the ‘oiled-bearing’ efficiency of his tiny company was an anathema to him. It was a situation that he faced a dozen times a day, not that he panicked you understand. The problem this time though was the most serious he’d had to cope with for over six months. Six months of Tracy Wilkes as his secretary. Naturally it wasn’t a coincidence that he’d now received five letters complaining that orders had not been received. In all five cases the customers had enclosed cash with their orders and it seemed to Cecil Brimpton that it was beyond the realms of probability that the post office had lost all five letters. The answer was obvious. Miss Wilkes had a lot of explaining to do. 

Cecil Brimpton reached for the intercom line on his telephone.

‘Miss Wilkes, come to my office!’ he barked ‘and bring your ledgers and cash book with you!’

Tracy was petrified, mortified. He knew. Almost in tears she knocked on the office door… 

Published in 1984, ‘The Video Nasty’ appears in Janus 27. You can see more of Tracy’s caning by downloading a copy of the magazine – just click on the highlighted link. We’re also pleased to feature some high quality images of Tracy Wilkes from the Janus archive.

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