The Waiting is the Worst Part…

One of the delights of early issues of Janus becoming available again as digital downloads is that they serve to remind us how good the magazine was at capturing the drama of corporal punishment. The editorial team knew that photos illustrating anxiety and shame were just as important as those capturing the actual punishments.

Take these three high quality images from the Janus archive that perfectly capture those tense moments prior to punishment.

The Janus 14 photo story ‘Last in Line’ devotes six pages of photos and narrative to Michelle’s nervous wait outside the Principal’s office before she finally steps inside.

In Janus 16 we meet Serena James, a private secretary about to get ‘The Treatment’. We can sense the tension as she passes the cane to her employer.

‘Teacher Training’ in Janus 18 brings Jennifer Simmonds, a junior arts and crafts teacher to the headmaster’s office. She clearly knows all too well the fate that awaits her sentenced bottom.

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