The Master – Free Spanking Photos From Janus 14

Free spanking photos from Janus 14.

The Master was not away – he was really only pretending to be absent. Really he was watching them through the eye slits in the painting above the brass candlesticks. Once more this eccentric character was playing his voyeuristic number.

Tina and Angela were being absolutely stupid. Spraying each other with furniture polish, dusting their black seamed stockings with that erotic feather duster, filching his booze too! The Master could not contain his rising anger. It exploded as he entered the parlour. ‘Maids! You are dismissed! Back to the dole queue with both of you! Get out of my house!’

There is, however, one let-out: both maids may, as an alternative, be caned soundly and sent to bed without their supper…

There are sadly just a few surviving images from this classic photo fantasy in the Janus archive and we have posted all of them here – the photos of Tina’s caning are particularly good. ‘Tina’ and ‘Angela’ went on to appear as ‘Blissett’ and ‘Green’ respectively in the St Winifred’s Trilogy and it’s lovely to see them both again in this charming Greenwich House photo shoot. To see more you can download a copy of Janus 14 by clicking on the highlighted link.

On the subject of the St Winifred’s Trilogy our friends at ‘A Spanking Life 4 Me’ have recently featured a retrospective about it on their site. Click on the link to visit the blog.