The Janus Writer Speaks!

Not a lot of people know that Stephen Sims, a successful published author under another name, wrote photo stories and other fiction for well over 100 issues of Janus! He also starred as Roger Storing and Royston Arnold in numerous photo shoots and went on to edit Privilege Plus and Privilege Club.

He sat down with Janus archivist Jon Rayworth just before Christmas to talk about his many years working for the magazine and to discuss his new novel, ‘The Bottom Man’, which is published today. In a wide ranging interview Stephen shares his recollections of the photo shoots he appeared in, the people he worked with and the daily distractions of life in the Janus Office!

You can read the full interview in ‘The Janus Writer’s Tale’ by clicking on the highlighted link.

To download Stephen’s new novel ‘The Bottom Man’ click on the link below or you can read a free chapter here.

The Bottom Man Cover 2

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