The Art of Spanking – Paula Meadows

Regular visitors to this site will be familiar with the wonderful artwork of Paula Meadows. Paula originally appeared as Lesley in Janus 13 and Janus 21 and went on to illustrate the magazine for many years. She then became editor of a new Janus sister publication called Februs and illustrated every one of the 48 issues. It’s fair to say that her beautiful drawings enhanced every spanking story they accompanied.

We are now in the process of cataloguing all our surviving spanking artwork for the Janus and Februs archive. We thought you’d enjoy seeing some scans of original drawings that Paula produced for Februs 25 and Februs 26. If you are interested in finding out more about Paula’s work then why not visit her website – just click here.

Paula’s appearances as a spanking model will be the subject of upcoming issues of Encore Janus which will include every surviving photo from the archive in high quality. Watch this space for further details…

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