Janus Testimonials

At Janus we take customer service very seriously. It’s important to us and we always welcome your feedback. Below is a selection of testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers who have downloaded our spanking magazines and videos:

I have just found your lovely site here! I have such fond memories of your wonderful shop in London back in the late 70’s & 80’s (I spent many many happy – & very excited! – hours there) & still have a collection of about 100 of your amazing magazines! Those really were heavenly spanking days – your magazines absolutely captured all that is lovely about spanking & caning naughty schoolgirls! All the best (& THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!)”

Great site ….. marvellous to get all the classic British mags in one place. I want to download  your whole site as and when I can afford it.”

“I would like to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful website. I have been a spanking / corporal punishment enthusiast for as long as I can recall. I had heard about Janus Magazine along with some of the other classic UK spanking publications for many years. However, it seemed I was born too late to enjoy your products in their entirety. I’m not sure why it took me this long to find you guys online but I’m happy that I did. Thank you.. thank you.. thank you! I am in love with this magazine! I can’t get enough! Now that I’ve found this website, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! You guys really need to start creating new stuff. The world is a better place with Janus Magazine! Please come back! Thanks again!”

“Great site! I believe that these magazines have the best spanking content available. I have seen little on the net that competes for subtlety and atmosphere. I am trying to build up a digital collection of issues and am waiting with bated breath for the early volumes! Great service only had one problem with a download but was remedied very quickly. Well done!”

“I just want to say how wonderful the past week has been since I found the site and began to download so many of those wonderful magazines. What memories they bring back and how fresh and exciting they remain. Well done to all.”

“This is my first purchase from the rejuvenated Janus shop and I was not disappointed. I’ve been a fan of Janus from the time I turned 18 in the late ’80s, and the legendary Janus 19 was always something that intrigued me but, alas, always eluded me. Having seen it on the site in digital format, I couldn’t resist purchasing it. I can honestly say that, after 25 years or so of waiting, I have not been disappointed, either with the magazines content or the quality and ease of the digital download. My first Janus online purchase but definitely not my last.”

“So good to see Janus alive and well – I’ve been downloading all the early Janus mags which I’d originally bought as black and white reprints. Great to finally see the colour!”

“The content of these magazines is splendid and the print quality cannot be denied. The download was straightforward. Thanks.”

“I’ve been a fan of Janus magazine for almost the entire 40 years of its existence. In a world where graciousness seems to be little valued your email is an unexpectedly chivalrous reply. Thanks – and keep up the good work.”

“I’ve got to be honest your online shop is an Aladdin’s cave for me. I never thought I’d get to see most of these magazines. They are amazing – keep them coming!”

“Really appreciate your email – I can’t think of another adult site that would have taken the trouble to check I’d received my download link. Thank you.”

“You do a great job, and I will always remember my trips to the shop and dear old Mick with great affection. Keep this site going and growing – its classical, its brilliant, timeless and will always be the the best.”