Tara’s Secret Life – Janus 156

Thanks to everyone who has contacted us over the last few weeks with requests for photos they’d like to see on the news page. One name that comes up very regularly is Tara Duncan who appeared four times in Janus (132, 139, 155 and 156) and fortunately she is well represented in the Janus archive.

She was interviewed and then punished by our very own Roy Tersley in Feburs 41 (which will be available shortly) and this interview was reprinted with a different selection of photos in Janus 156. Even though the accompanying photos were shot on colour film, only one colour photo appeared in either of the two magazines.

We hope you enjoy this selection of unseen colour photos from Tara’s final appearance in Janus. There were some lovely candid shots taken during the interview and, as she is such a popular model, we thought you’d enjoy seeing them along with the photos of her punishment.

If you’d like to see more of Tara you can download digital copies of Janus 155 and 156 by clicking on the highlighted links.