Spanking with the Corens

In this month’s Tatler Giles Coren writes about his experiences of spanking in sexual relationships. A scan of the article can be viewed here. Whilst it’s an interesting read, we can’t help but feel they asked the wrong Coren to write on this subject.

The thoughts of his sister Victoria would, we think, have been of far more interest to Janus readers! Of course Victoria has strayed onto the subject of spanking before in past columns (here and here – just the last couple of paragraphs), so it’s not unrealistic to assume she might return to the topic at some point.

There were even rumours that she had appeared in Janus many years ago. Not true of course although, as you can see below, she does bear more than a passing resemblance to the lovely Lucy Bailey.

victoria coren spankingvictoria coren spanking