Sophie Fennington

Sophie Fennington was a huge star on the spanking scene in the late 1980’s. She featured in many popular videos and was often on the receiving end of the most severe punishments. Sophie appeared in Janus on three occasions. Her debut on the front of Janus 53 is one of the most erotic cover images the magazine ever led with. She is presenting us with a tray, on which rests a long twin-tailed tawse. ‘CP Tease’ is a severe photo fantasy in which Sophie is soundly tawsed, spanked and finally caned in a school uniform. Part 2 of this story can be found in Janus 54.

Her final appearance in Janus 60 is certainly worth checking out – it’s a revealing Punishment Series interview with photos. Both she and her husband Christian discuss their experiences in detail and the important part discipline plays in their married life.

These high quality images leave us in no doubt as to why Sophie was such a popular model. You can download digital copies of the magazines in which Sophie appears by clicking on the links above or visiting our online shop.