Risky Business – Free Spanking Photos

Free spanking photos from Februs 27.

Whatever bookmakers and statisticians might try to make you believe, in any gamble the odds are the same: you’ll either win or lose. Judy Williams had gambled and lost. She had pulled the same stroke in the past and won, but this time she had been unlucky. It was trivial: a bit of cash kept back from the afternoon visit to the bank, borrowed overnight and replaced the next day. She could fund an unexpected night out this way or even a weekend fling at no real cost to anyone but herself. It was a handy tactic at the end of the month when there was literally no money in her account one day and plenty the next. 

Ironically, the call came while she was going to the bank. A silly, minor query that had her supervisor checking yesterday’s takings and finding they didn’t tally with the amount paid in. When she returned from the bank, she found Steve Mellor waiting for her. 

There were recriminations, shouts, tears, pleadings. There was sadness and remorse. There was a door, a poor reference and an unemployment line facing her. And then there was an alternative, an offer, a chance to make amends. Nothing sleazy, just a classic punishment in private, to wipe the slate clean…

We’re fairly sure that Judy Williams and Janice Dawson (Janus 126) are one and the same person and we hope you enjoy seeing this selection of images of Judy’s punishment from the original negatives. To see more, you can download a copy of Februs 27 by clicking on the highlighted link.