Readers’ Spanking Photos

Over the years many Janus readers sent personal spanking photos and letters to the magazine. We are fortunate that many of these photos still reside in our archive and we’ve included a few of them in past updates on this page.

We were recently contacted by AM and JA who were kind enough to send in some of their own photos to include on the site. AM takes up the story:

“I have been collecting spanking magazines and videos  for some time, and have been lucky to have been able to spank many of my girlfriends, ex wife, and current wife, also some have let me film them. With my current wife, we have made over 35 spanking videos, and taken many stills. The last few years I have treated my wife to many short holiday breaks away in holiday cottages, for my reward, she has allowed me to spend one evening of the holiday, to film another video. We usually have an idea for the shoot, and the clothing before we go, I like some sort of uniform, together with suspenders and stockings, and of course, high heels. The cottages I book are usually detached and quiet, that way we can really get into the role play. I must say some of the videos are rather good, considering, I have to set the camera beforehand.
If I had the budget, I would love to make a video in a manor house, with a few more ladies, perhaps a Victorian theme, something there for the professional studios maybe.
One last point, you might think my wife is well into spanking, but actually, although she is ok with it now, she thought it was a bit weird for someone to like this sort of thing.”

Our thanks to AM and JA for sharing these photos and for giving us some insight into the part spanking plays in their lives. We’d love to feature contributions from other visitors to this site. Do get in touch if you have any appropriate photos or personal stories you’d like to share. If there is sufficent interest, we will create a ‘Readers’ Spanking Photos’ page featuring past and present contributions. You can contact Janus by email at