Re-discovering ‘Sally’ – Blushes 3

We recently received a wonderful email from Richard about his memories of ‘Sally’ who appeared in Blushes 3 and we thought other visitors to this site would enjoy reading his recollections.

When I found the Janus website earlier this year I was amazed to see again all the spanking magazines I’d once owned as a young man. (How I came to part company with my magazine collection is a sad story – a bitter partner took them to our local recycling plant many years ago. All those memories gone in the blink of an eye – it hurt and I suspect I deserved it. In fact I know I did!)  

Looking on the site there were so many covers that brought back memories, but if I had to choose just one magazine to see again I knew which one it would be without even thinking. Blushes 3 – no contest!  

Blushes 3 was the first magazine I’d seen which featured ‘Sally’…or should that be ‘Katie’ as the magazine suggests or ‘Linda’, ‘Jemima’ or ‘Susan’ or any of the other countless names she appeared under across the Blushes range. I named her ‘Sally’ because I recognised her from the film ‘Sally’s First Lesson’ so she will always be ‘Sally’ for me.  

I loved ‘Sally’s First Lesson’. I would always fast forward past the chubby blonde girl to get to Sally’s punishment! She looked similar to a girl I’d been at University with and like many of the women who appeared in Blushes she didn’t look like a professional model. I’d convinced myself she was a typical ‘girl next door’ just out to make a bit of cash on the side, hoping no one who knew her would ever find out. 

In Blushes 3 she is punished in the bathroom with a slipper on her wet bottom, a spanking at teatime in the parlour, she is caned in the front room and again early one morning in her bedroom. Finally she is taken out to the garden shed. Every scenario is beautifully set up and executed. The photo of her on page three sitting at a desk with her knickers down and skirt raised is amazing. Similarly the one of her being caned on page twenty-one and the description ‘the quiet ‘swhitt!’ of a cane in a curtained front room as evening draws on’ is powerful and arousing. 

I enjoyed reading the behind the scenes account of the filming of ‘Sally’s First Lesson’ in Blushes 23. In the film Sally has to learn a poem whilst receiving a spanking across the headmaster’s knee. The ‘headmaster’ recalls ‘When I met Sally six months later she still remembered, word perfect, the eight lines of poetry I had spanked into her bottom, although I hardly recalled any of them!’ His description of the caning he administered is wonderful, highlighting the slow build up and intense anticipation. ‘Now you’re going to give her that first stroke. The first she’s ever had. You tease her bent over bottom with another pat-pat of the cane. You draw back. You give her a good, firm stroke across the middle of her bum. She jerks. You watch her for the two fifths of a second it takes to bite in. She gasps. Her eyes are wide, really wide.’ Exquisite. 

Sally’s other notable appearances are in Blushes Supplement 2, Blushes 9 and countless later issues when the photos were recycled. It’s taken me ten years but I’m just delighted to have re-discovered Sally and Blushes 3 once again!

Our thanks to Richard – all these magazines can be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted links. We hope you enjoy seeing a few photos from Sally’s appearances in Blushes.

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