Punishment Ballet

‘Punishment Ballet’ which appeared in Janus 22 was a sequel of sorts to ‘Punishment PT’ from Janus 17. Both photo fantasies featured three girls undergoing a strict disciplinary regime with the story told in pictures only. During the early 1980’s Janus was keen to include a wide range of themes to ensure that each issue had a unique feel to it and they produced some fine editions during this period.

One other small point about Janus 22 was that it featured credits for all three members of the creative team on the ‘Contents’ page for the first and only time in the magazine’s history. Quite why they disappeared again from issue 23, I guess we’ll never know.

We are pleased to include a selection of original photos from ‘Punishment Ballet’ and if you’d like to see more you can download a copy of Janus 22 here.