Privilege – the UK’s first spanking club

Back in 1980 Gordon Sergeant established a spanking club that Janus readers could join with its own bulletin newsletter called ‘Privilege’. Very soon after launch ‘The Janus Club’ became known as ‘The Privilege Club’. We thought visitors to this site might enjoy seeing the very first issue of this bi-monthly magazine.

It’s interesting to look back now at the objectives of the club. In addition to offering a contact service the club hoped to:

Provide, through the Club Bulletin, ‘Privilege’, a lively mixture of news, up-to-date checked case histories on all aspects of corporal punishment administered both for disciplinary and pleasure reasons, a selection of letters, particularly OBB’s and various other topics which will be balanced according to the response  that we get from our survey.

OBB, for those not familiar with the term, stands for Order of the Burning Bot, a very popular feature in Janus magazine where readers could write in nominating celebrity bottoms for a good thrashing and then describe the imagined events in detail. Name checked in this first issue are Sue Lawley, Maggie Philbin, Jenny Agutter and Hannah Gordon. Readers are also invited to complete and send in a survey of things they would like to see offered to club members. A shame that the suggested club tie, tie pin and lapel badge never materialised – they would be collector’s items today.

Apparently Gordon’s vision was to eventually open club premises for members with a bar, screening room and library – a Shangri-La for spankers everywhere!

Click on the cover below to view a pdf of Privilege 1, or right-click and select ‘save target as’ to save a copy. Do let us know if you would like to see more editions of these members magazines.

Privilege 1 Front Cover