Paula Meadows – The Janus Interview

What is there left to say about Paula Meadows? A wonderful model, outstanding illustrator and editor extraordinaire! It’s difficult to think of anyone else who has contributed as much, and in so many different way, to the CP scene.

Fortunately Paula had plenty to say for herself about her time with Janus and Februs when she met with Janus archivist Jon Rayworth a few weeks back. In a brand new interview Paula talks about how she became involved with Janus and her life since leaving that world behind. ‘I don’t think Paula or I wanted to revisit events that had already been well documented’ says Rayworth. ‘This interview covers new ground. It was fascinating to hear for the first time about her career as an artist and model before Janus and what it was like to work on these magazines.’

Click on the link below to read what will certainly be Paula’s last interview on the subject.

Paula Meadows – The Final Word

To celebrate her work you can download a Janus Collection of her favourite illustrations and Encore Janus 9 has just been released, gathering together in high quality all the remaining archive prints from her appearances as a model in Janus 13, Janus 21, Janus 29 and Janus 38.

We’re pleased to present a few exclusive images from Encore Janus 9 below.