Memories of a Blushes Spanking Model

Janus was recently contacted by Samantha Richards, who had modelled for Blushes in the 1980s. Samantha had not appeared in any other spanking magazines and was wondering if we might be able to locate her appearance. She had never seen the photos or the magazine they had been featured in. This was obviously a piece of detective work for our resident archivist Jon Rayworth. Armed with only a photo of Samantha from her modelling days, Jon went through every issue of Blushes to create a short list of possible matches.

I’m pleased to say he found her! Samantha appeared in Blushes 20 in the photo fantasy ‘Russian Spring’. (You can download a copy of this magazine by clicking on the highlighted link.)

Samantha very kindly agreed to answer a few questions about her experience as a Blushes model…

Thanks for getting in touch with us Samantha. How did you become involved with Blushes?

I was living in London when I was 18 and managed to register with the Wright agency for some part-time modelling. During this time I was offered a few modelling assignments. I posed for a couple of other magazines but probably out of all of them the Blushes job was the most enjoyable. I seem to remember this was my last bit of modelling before giving up to have children.

What did they say to you about the subject matter and what would be expected of you?

Everyone was very professional and kind and I was immediately put at ease. I was young and I remember being a bit nervous at the time and not sure what to expect, especially when I was shown the outfit. I wasn’t actually caned though – the whole day was lots of fun.

How does it feel seeing these photos for the first time?

It’s funny that I have waited until now to be curious about them. I haven’t seen any of them before. It feels a bit weird seeing them after all this time and I wish I had seen them sooner. I was a bit embarrassed to ask at the time I guess! They were taken about 28 years ago so seeing them feels a bit spooky really, but in a good way. I always wished I had done more modelling but I settled down and had a family instead. It’s great to see them though.

Our thanks to Samantha for getting in touch – if there are any other spanking models from the Janus, Blushes or Roue past reading this, we’d love to here from you. Antonia du Bois or Nicola Redway – are you out there?!