Lucie Bond – Februs 31

Lucie Bond had found a steady stream of work since leaving drama school. She was forever being cast as vulnerable, exploited or just plain innocent teenagers when she was actually well into her twenties. 

The real irony was that she didn’t realise how closely aligned her own character and the roles she played actually were. Her youthful sense of wonder and curiosity tended to lead her into an amazing assortment of situations. A simple shopping trip found her at the door of a small emporium whose wares she could not immediately make out through the window. 

Once inside, Lucie was enchanted by the items she found on display. Then, as if by magic, a shopkeeper appeared…

We hope you enjoy this selection of unpublished photos from the Februs archive – we couldn’t resist including a charming out-take as well. To see more of Lucie’s exploits you can download a digital copy of Februs 31 by clicking on the highlighted link.