Latest Spanking Magazines Available to Download

We’ve just added three new spanking magazines to the Janus Online Shop. Blushes 50 & 51, Dear Blushes 59 and London Life Vol. 1 No. 1 are all available to download by clicking on the highlighted links.

Blushes 50 and 51 are available together as a single download.  These magazines featured in one of the many compendiums that Blushes were so fond of issuing at the time. For those who enjoyed our feature on Sally last week there are some more photos of her in these magazines.

London Life was a high quality magazine published in the late seventies. It ran for seven issues and there were also a number of spin off publications including Martinet, Obey and a series of Spanking, Caning and Tawsing specials. Many of these magazines will be appearing on the site over the next couple of months.

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