Julianne – Janus 113

Julianne is 19, with a face and form to inspire poetry in the most prosaic of men.

She is the girl the love-songs are written about: ‘the face in the misty light’, ‘the promised kiss of springtime’, ‘your lips, your eyes, your golden hair, are a class beyond compare…’

Ever noticed in that last-instanced song, that ‘eyes’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘class’? Can any of you poets, gazing on Julianne’s loveliness, think of a word that not only rhymes with ‘class’, but would be wondrously appropriate in her case?

Thought you might! Julianne possesses a bottom to dream upon!

We hope you enjoy seeing this selection of unpublished photos (including a charming out-take) from Julianne’s appearance in Janus 113. To see more you can download a copy of the magazine by clicking on the highlighted link.