High Flyer – Free Spanking Photos From Janus 130

Free spanking photos from Janus 130. 

Miranda Provost was a high-flyer in a venerable merchant bank in the City. Today she was working away from the office for what she called one of her own personal ‘rest and recreation’ days. Such times were almost always illuminated with adventure, and usually fulfilled themselves in the breathtaking form of the excitement she craved.

Over the years Miranda had minimised the ‘uncertainty’ element by a carefully phrased briefing to the temping agency she approached. Now she awaited her latest ‘fledgling’. She’d been able to glean that the girl was called Gabrielle Daniels, twenty years old with a poor academic record and low self-esteem, fired from two previous jobs. Just the type! Now here the girl was. Miranda saw her from the window. Perfect. Extremely pretty, delightful figure; exactly what she’d been hoping for…

We hope you enjoy seeing these unpublished, high quality images of Gabrielle’s punishment from the Janus archive. To see more you can download a copy of Janus 130 by clicking on the highlighted link.