Free Spanking Photos – Janus 127

‘Taking it Lying Down’ – Free Spanking Photos from Janus 127.

It was all very well being the best ballet dancer in a sleepy country town, but Angie was uncomfortably aware of the limitations to her career. Moving to the Big City for tuition by one of the past masters of the noble dance had been the only way forward. Things proved to be tougher than expected. In the first place, 18-year-old Angie was the youngest in a class of eight girls. She was also the prettiest. Which of these two things was the one causing the problem she wasn’t too sure. After all, as far as she could see, she was the best dancer in the group.

The Great Man always singled her out for criticism and Angie invariably felt that it was unjustified. Angie thought that he was like her first headmaster in that he totally dominated his protégées. The last session had been particularly bad. It appeared she couldn’t do anything right. The Great Man told her that she would be required to start her extra-curricular training in one hour. Angie was to report to the therapy room for body-toning discipline. 

She had sixty minutes to compose herself before it was time to report. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what would happen then…

We hope you enjoy seeing this selection of images from Angie’s punishment which have been scanned from the original negatives in the Janus archive. To see more of Angie’s punishment you can download a copy of Janus 127 by clicking on the highlighted links.