Female Roles in Spanking Magazines – Part One

We’re delighted to feature another article by Fiona Lewison. Fiona’s writing has drawn great praise from visitors to this site and her latest piece reflects on the different roles women play in spanking magazines and their enduring appeal. We thought it best that she introduce the subject for you herself:

“It occurred to me the other day that, over the course of my life, I’ve been a daughter, a schoolgirl, a nurse, a secretary, a girlfriend and a wife. I’ve never committed a serious criminal offence, so I haven’t been summoned to a meeting with the Moral Welfare Officer. I’ve never been a flight attendant, a maid, a shop girl or a Wren. But, apart from these, which are niche even in our little world, I’ve lived through pretty much every female role in the pages of Janus and other magazines of its kind. So I thought I’d take a look at these different roles to find out why they’re so popular, and hopefully to get your views on the subject. Do you have a favourite school or domestic photo-shoot? Is there a particular scenario that touches a nerve in you? Does it matter who the woman is, as long as she’s getting her just deserves? I tend to agree with this last statement, and that the stereotype merely adds spice to an already stimulating picture in our minds. But perhaps you have a different view…”

The first part of ‘Female Roles in Spanking Magazines’, which looks at ‘Difficult Daughters’ and ‘Silly Schoolgirls’, can be read by clicking on the highlighted link.


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