Dr Handley’s Private Practice (Part One) – Free Spanking Photos

Free spanking photos from Janus 31.

Exhibit A in the Case against Dr M J Handley:

A set of photographs presented as evidence in the case against Dr Matthew Handley, Medical Officer to the Welfare Service. The girl in the photographs is Miss Tracy Marie Blanchard, a 19-year-old student at Chelmsden College of Arts.

She is seen entering Dr Handley’s private practice at Number 26 Strathmore Mansions on July 3rd 19**. Once inside Number 26, Miss Blanchard is required to perform a preliminary toe-touching exercise and the Doctor is seen kneeling down lifting her short skirt to examine the crotch of her white knickers.

Dr Handley then resumes undressing the girl and removing her skirt and knickers to leave her nude apart from the black high-heeled shoes. He indulges in some pseudo-medical ‘inspection’ of her body and his gloating expression can be clearly seen as he paws lecherously at her bottom.

In the next few photos we can see Dr Handley’s pre-punishment ritual. First the girl has been made to kneel upright before him, hands behind her back, in a posture of supplication. Then, still kneeling, she has to place her hands on her head. This pose is held for a further quarter of an hour as a prelude to the punishment proper…

We hope you enjoy seeing this selection of high quality images from this photo fantasy, which have been taken from the original negatives. More unseen spanking photos from this story will be published here next week. To see the original photo fantasy you can download a copy of Janus 31 by clicking on the highlighted link.