Deborah Spencer-Smythe – Janus 33

18-year-old Deborah Spencer-Smythe first appeared in Janus 33 in the care of Alice Fitzherbert. Alice knew all about controlling unruly and high-spirited fillies and as far as she was concerned young Spencer-Smythe merited no preferential treatment. A character-building regime enforced with severe corporal punishment would soon have the girl back on track.

By popular demand Deborah returned as the subject of the Punishment Series interviews in Janus 40. It’s an interesting interview that explores her motivation for modelling in Janus and her real life experiences of spanking.

We hope you enjoy this selection of photos of Deborah from the Janus archive. You can download digital copies of both magazines by clicking on the highlighted links.

Our thanks to Mike for suggesting this feature on Deborah.