Belinda Laine…again


Belinda Laine was one of the most popular Janus models during the late 1980’s. Beautiful, tall and elegant, she appeared four times in the magazine – a feat achieved by only a handful of other models.

Her first appearance was in Janus 53 in which she looks amazing bending over in tight jeans for the cane. Readers were disappointed she didn’t take those jeans down but we didn’t have to wait long to see more of Belinda. She made her only cover appearance in Janus 55 for ‘Belinda’s Test’, this time paying the price for her twin sister’s indiscretions. That story concludes in ‘Belinda’s Ordeal’ in Janus 56 and her final appearance (and possibly this correspondent’s favourite) was in Janus 65 when she returned in ‘Belinda Again’.

We hope these high quality photos bring back some memories for long time readers or perhaps serve as a suitable introduction to those who are discovering Belinda for the first time. If you’d like to download digital copies of the magazines in which Belinda appeared then simply click on the links above for each issue or visit our online shop.