Audrey Fleurot – Order Of The Burning Bot

Our feature on ‘The Order Of The Burning Bot’ a week or so back prompted quite a few emails, for which we are very grateful.

Thanks to Steve T though for nominating the little known but stunning Audrey Fleurot for a sound spanking. Miss Fleurot’s curvy figure is obviously well known in France but, unless you are a fan of BBC4’s ‘Spiral’ or you’ve seen the wonderful film ‘Untouchable’, she may not have come to your attention before.

Her bottom proves quite a distraction in ‘Untouchable’ but Steve has kindly found some amazing clips from her other appearances in French films and television programmes where she has been happy to flaunt her derriere. We felt Janus had a duty to raise the profile of Miss Fleurot’s behind and bring it to the attention of a wider audience.

The first clip is from ‘La vrai vie des profs’ which is about a group of voyeuristic students who pry into the real lives of their teachers. They spy on Audrey at a fitness class performing the most amazing routine!

Next is a clip from ‘La vie en miette’ in which Audrey’s bare bottom gets massaged…

There’s another tantalising glimpse of her bare behind at the end of this next clip from ‘Les Reines du Ring’…

This wonderful booty shake comes from French television…

And finally, perhaps the most erotic clip of all (well, we thought so), a steamy tango in a tight skirt on what we assume is the French version of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Thanks again to Steve T for suggesting Miss Fleurot. If you wish to suggest a nomination for ‘The Order Of The Burning Bot’ why not drop us a line at with some suitable images or clips we can feature.

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