Antonia du Bois

I don’t think many people would disagree that Antonia du Bois was one of the most beautiful women to ever appear in the pages of Janus. Her classic good looks and wonderful bottom were an instant hit with readers and she was rarely out of the letters pages for years afterwards. She was perfect as the upper class young lady who needed to be taught a lesson and we were fortunate to witness her comeuppance on three occasions.

Her first appearance was on the cover of Janus 20, with tears running down her face and her hands on her head – she has clearly been well punished. In ‘The Punishment Officer’ set in a residential finishing academy, Antonia receives twelve strokes of the cane for gross insubordination. She is very much the star of Janus 20 because she also appears in a special feature on the new Janus video ‘The Disciplinarian’. The colour plates in the centre of the magazine are fantastic and vividly capture the marks of her punishment with riding crop and cane.

Sadly, Antonia’s only other appearance was in Janus 24, a revealing interview and photo shoot entitled ‘Will the Real Antonia du Bois Please Bend Over’. The colour photos of her well-caned bottom on page 36 are not to be missed.

At the time it seemed this was just the start for Antonia but as quickly as she arrived on the scene, she disappeared. There are rumours she married and retired from modelling but, whatever the truth, we have some wonderful souvenirs to remember her by and we hope you enjoy these photos from the Janus archive.

Click on the links above if you would like to download digital copies of the magazines and video in which Antonia appeared.