Against A Winding Stair – Free Spanking Photos From Februs 8

Free spanking photos from Februs 8.

She sits on the stairs, resigned to her fate. Sally used to get fired from jobs regularly but now she is Simon Grosvenor’s house-keeper and has held that position for nine months. A record. 

She hasn’t become a more conscientious or competent worker, it’s just that Mr Grosvenor does not give up on people. Not everyone approves of his rather eccentric method for maintaining staff relations, and Sally has had many predesesors who have forfeited a week’s wages rather than accept a little disciplining.

Twenty minutes she’s been sitting there. Mr Grosvenor likes to make her wait. She sits at the bend in the stairway thinking about the girls who have sat there before her. If a spanking bothered them so much, they should have taken more trouble with their work.

A floorboard on the landing above creaks, announcing his arrival.

‘Stand up, Sally. You know what to do.’

Despite her presence on the cover of Februs 8 Sally only appeared across five pages inside the magazine – a scandal in the opinion of this correspondent.

This photo shoot is a long time favourite of our friend Richard Windsor and we are delighted to feature a selection of published and unpublished images here. You can download a copy of Februs 8 by clicking on the highlighted link.