A Janus Mystery – Have You Seen Sasha?

Visitors to this page may remember that we were contacted over Christmas by John and Mary B, long time friends of the magazine and regular contributors to the readers’ letters page. John has been back in touch to ask for our help tracking down a video he made:

One of my fondest memories from the Janus shop was selecting and purchasing videos, then swopping them by return later. Many years ago I made a short video of my own. A friend (Sasha) who wearing only a black croquet shawl, came in to view, dropped the shawl, bent over and took about 10 with my cane, before signaling ‘no more’. She then stood up to rub her bottom and reflect, still naked, on the occasion. My confession! – before returning some of the videos I’d bought from the shop I selotaped over the protection tab and copied my video on to the spare capacity at the end of the tape, after the credits. I hoped this would be a nice surprise for the next owner. Sadly I accidently erased my original copy of the video a while back. I was wondering if anyone ever saw my efforts or may even still have a copy in their collection?

If you can help John do drop us a line at archive@janusworldwide.com. John has been kind enough to send us some still photos of the lovely Sasha to assist with any potential identifications!


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