Dear Janus…

Recently Janus was contacted by John and Mary B. who were very regular contributors to the readers’ letters page. Mary B. posed famously in a ‘Father Christmas’ cape and had letters published in Janus 103, 105, 109 and 112. We’ve scanned all of Mary’s original letters into a pdf document below if you’d like read them:

John and Mary letters

We’re sure Janus readers will be delighted to here from them again and we’re pleased to publish their email in full below:

Dear Janus,

Is it really 20 years ago that we were last in touch?

Mary and I have had a great marriage and shared many experiences and now as OAP’s we continue to enjoy life together, although spanking is rarely on our agenda -sometimes even just bending over can now be a challenge LOL !!!

All that time ago, we had written a few letters and sent some photos which Janus published, (by looking at the covers in your great website I think 46 and 74 include some of them) and we showed these to our friends Dave and Karen. I think it was because of this that when we shared a holiday cottage together, strip card games, forfeits and eventually spanking, were on the agenda.

Mary wrote up the story of our holiday a few weeks later and I added some of the photos we had taken. We decided to send it to Janus and were delighted when you published it in 103. See below for some more photos which have to be scans as there was no digital cameras then!

The published story was much appreciated by Dave and Karen also, and I think it was part of the reason why Dave and I set the girls up for an adventure in the Christmas holidays, that proved to be a milestone in our friendship. We instructed Mary to write up that one also, which you published in 105.

Mary and Karen went on to be ‘close’ friends, and another person became involved, Mike. He was a friend of mine who saw some of my photos, and persuaded, or perhaps even bribed me, to share some games with Mary. I knew she liked him and would be up for it. These adventures became further stories in 109 and 112.

Our marriage then was very much willingness to share and act out each other’s fantasies knowing that the trust and faith we had for each other would protect us if things looked like going too far.

They were happy days and Janus played its part in stimulating new ideas. For us it was the pleasure of submission and role play, rather than discipline and punishment, which turned us on. I know others see it differently.

I am pleased to see that you have developed such a comprehensive and exciting website, I miss visiting the shop in Compton Street, and looking at our efforts in past copies of the magazines.

Good luck with your online endeavours and I hope many people continue to have richer lives by recognising their needs and enjoying fulfilling them, perhaps stimulated a bit more by your publications.

I still have our cane that has kissed several delightful naked bottoms on many occasions. Writing this letter has tempted me to find it and practice my swing!

Thank you and Happy Christmas

John & Mary

Our thanks to John and Mary who have been kind enough to send through a number of photos (a few of which feature Karen) from their personal collection. Some of these photos have been published in the magazine with their letters but none have been seen in this quality.

If you’d like to get in touch with Janus you can email us at – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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