A Day To Remember – Janus 128

Free Spanking Photos from Janus 128.

Two men sit on chairs in the otherwise empty gymnasium, their faces tense. ‘Come!’ calls the man on the right. The sound echoes. Seconds pass, as though the one being summoned is making a point of asserting her independence by taking her time. After several insolently delayed moments she steps into view at the far end of the room.

Her name is Sheena Steele. She is twenty years old. Dressed as instructed in short skirt, white top and trainers, her nubile body is trim, toned and shapely. Her eyes are hard. She chooses not to look at either man. Especially not the visitor. 

Sheena is a youth leader. The man seated to her left as she faces them is her supervisor, Ray Dayton – one of the few people in the world she respects and trusts. 

The other man has come to punish her…

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