What She Wants

The focus of this week’s lesser-known photo fantasy is ‘What She Wants’ from Janus 88, which was published in 1991. It features a very cheeky looking young lady called Nicky who admits she is in need of a firm hand. Sadly she finds she has to coax her boyfriend to discipline her – I suspect very few readers here would need such encouragement to deal with Nicky!

We hope you enjoy this small selection of images from the photo story. If you’d like to see more you can download a digital copy of Janus 88 here.

The magazine also contains a wonderful ‘Reader’s Confession’ from 26-year-old Miss Dianne F, a nurse from Canada who was living and working in Dorset. Extensive correspondence convinced the editorial team of the authenticity of her account of a deepening friendship with her widowed English landlady…well worth reading.

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