Typecast – A Spanking Story from Janus

A Spanking Story from Janus 61. More stories can be found here.

by Andrew Grantham

‘I THOUGHT the spanking I gave you last time might have taught you a lesson,’ sniffed Colin Rodgers, the manager of the small insurance branch office.

Mandy, the 20-year-old on the receiving end of the lecture looked appropriately sheepish as she stood in front of the young boss’s desk. The blonde was just under medium height with a body that was very well put together, being shapely where shape was called for and flat where flatness was required.

She cocked her head to one side as the lecture continued. Her blue eyes, as big as saucers, inspected the young man behind the desk. Her heart lurched. Colin was dishy by any standard and, when it came to the male of the species, Mandy had very high standards indeed.

‘I know you don’t like Mr White at Head Office,’ grated the manager. ‘But to replace the ‘W’ of his name with an ‘S’ on the circular we produced was downright derogatory.’

Mandy had to force herself not to smile. She thought that what she had done had been an act of sheer genius. Mr White at Head Office was an absolute pig. So, too, was his colleague Mr Walker.

There are plenty more secretaries at the Job Centre, you know,’ Colin threatened.

The blonde wisely refrained from saying that all those girls at the Job Centre wouldn’t let their bosses smack their bottoms.

‘Perhaps another spanking might make you take more care in future,’ he suggested. Through the mirror on the wall directly behind his pretty secretary, Colin could see the bulge her young bottom made beneath her tight, navy blue skirt.

‘As long as you don’t give me the sack, Mr Rodgers,’ tweeted Mandy, knowing full well that the sack was the last thing she would get.

‘Not this time,’ he told her, getting up and locking the door of his office.

Behind his back, Mandy smiled smugly, feeling feverish shivers running up and down her body. She had been looking forward to this moment for days, ever since her deliberate ‘mistake’.

With the door closed, Colin Rodgers took off his jacket and hung it on the knob. He also removed his tie. Then he sat down on an upholstered couch against the back wall of the office.

‘Come here, Mandy!’ he ordered.

The dark-haired, firm-jawed young man watched with accelerating heart as the submissive girl took a few steps towards him. She really was deliciously pretty with small, high breasts and sturdy, finely curved legs. Her lovely posterior which he looked forward to baring for the second time might almost have been constructed to a specification set down by a dedicated spanker.

The flush on Mandy’s cheeks highlighted her basic sexuality as she stood in front of her boss and lowered her skirt to reveal a white, scallop-edged slip beneath. That came down and off came her wedge-heeled shoes.

‘Over my lap!’ he instructed, trying to sound as stern as possible. ‘Put your head on this side!’ He tapped the seat cushions to his left.

His secretary carried out his command, pretending not to be aware of the state of his arousal as she stretched herself across his lap. The tail of her blouse hid her bottom, but Colin soon pulled it above her trim waist to expose her black nylon covered sit-upon.

He used both hands to peel away the flimsy covering. The panties reached her knees and were turned inside out. Colin’s breathing quickened at the sight of Mandy’s perfectly rounded and neat little bottom.

The manager placed his left hand on the small of her back to hold her in position and he used the other to explore the silken surfaces of the magnolia globes completely at his disposal. They were meaty, deep-clefted and he knew from experience that they wobbled delightfully under impact.

Colin felt the girl go rigid and her bottom tensed up. Mandy pushed her face into the settee cushions. She wasn’t as brave as she had been just a short while earlier when she had positively looked forward to the hiding. The blonde realised she now had cold feet over a hot bottom.

His hand left her rear. There was a pause and she felt her bum-flesh sting suddenly as the first slap landed. It took away her nagging fear and doubt and an unseen smile came to her lips.

Colin raised his hand and repeated the smack, the afterburn causing the 20-year-old to wince. Already he was hitting far harder than he had done the last time and he had only just got started.

Colin began to pepper the girl’s derriere with hard, stinging slaps, first on one side of the crease and then on the other; but always overlapping slightly so as to maximise the existing hurt and to open up a new area at the same time.

Mandy jerked back her head and began to thrash it from side to side. Eventually she started to squeal and she flayed her legs about showing no regard at all for modesty. She humped her hot little bottom up and down as the blistering fire from her tormented nates engulfed her body.

Mandy knew she couldn’t complain; she had asked for it all down the line.

Colin paid her thighs some attention by way of a change. It was a painful change and the blonde clawed the fabric of the settee with her nails.

‘No more – please, Mr Rodgers,’ she panted.

Colin didn’t know whether she meant it or not, so he continued to rain blow after blow on the now-scarlet target which jiggled, contorted, rose and fell.

Mandy began to shriek and his left arm gripped her more tightly as she oscillated her hips and buttocks very fast indeed in reaction to the scalding hurt being inflicted upon her nether regions.

‘Please! Please! No more!’ she screamed, twisting her head to appeal to him with wide, wet eyes.

Colin stopped. He didn’t want things to go beyond a darned good spanking, highly tempting though the prospect was. It wasn’t what Mandy wanted at all.

* * *

‘Mr Walker from Head Office on the line for you, Mr Rodgers,’ trilled Mandy, putting the call through. ‘He sounds rather annoyed.’

She licked her lips and sat back in her swivel chair. Her beautiful body began to heave with excitement at the prospect of having her bare bottom smacked again over her boss’s lap. He might even go further this time. She would certainly encourage him, of course.

The blonde girl was smugly content. She thought that typing an ‘n’ instead of an ‘l’ in Mr Walker’s name on the circular that had gone out had been a stroke of sheer genius on her part.

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