Trudi – Februs 10

Trudi poured herself another drink and clambered up on to the kitchen worktop. She looked quite waif-like with her simple cream frock, white stocking-sox and clumpy shoes. Through an alcoholic glaze, her large eyes peered out from under a heavy blonde fringe.

She snapped back to reality when the sound of Martin’s car could be heard pulling up the drive. Despite having the best part of a bottle of vodka sloshing around her veins, Trudi was suddenly totally sober.

‘Dinner won’t be long,’ she stammered. ‘Go and fix yourself a drink and take your jacket off and I’ll call you in a minute.’

She hurriedly set about laying the table, only to be interrupted by Martin storming back into the room.

‘I was going to mix martinis for us, but it seems we’re out of vodka!’ He waved the near-empty bottle in front of her face so she could barely get it into focus.

‘Right, that’s it, I’ve warned you about drinking during the day before’ he rasped, ‘raise your skirt and get up on that chair.’

We’re pleased to feature some unpublished photos of Trudi from the Februs archive. To see more of Trudi’s punishment you can download a copy of Februs 10 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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