Trinda McGarrett – Free Spanking Photos

Free Spanking photos from the Februs 24 photo fantasy ‘Fit for the Deed’.

Promotion – and so soon! Trinda McGarrett hugged herself and smiled as she sat waiting for the health studio’s Manager to keep their appointment. At last her superior arrived and Trinda stood to greet her with a smile. It was not returned – but then Ms Morris was a busy woman and there were obviously serious matters to be discussed. 

‘Trinda, you have been with us for just over six months and, having started well, I now find you giving us grounds for concern.’ Trinda flinched at her words. This was completely unexpected. Her silence was interpreted as insolence. ‘It was clearly explained to you at interview that preference was generally given to candidates with a background in sports. It was your general physical fitness that swayed us in your favour but according to our records you haven’t worked out in the last nine weeks.’ 

‘You either agree to start a strict regime immediately to rectify the situation or you leave our company’. Trinda was starting to understand why Ms Morris had acquired a reputation with colleagues as a disciplinarian…  

We hope you enjoy seeing these unpublished photos (including a lovely out-take) of Trinda McGarrett and Sindy Morris. You can see more photos from this fantasy by downloading a digital copy of Februs 24. Click on the highlighted link to download this magazine. To see more free spanking photos from the Janus and Februs archive why not visit our Free Spanking Photos page.


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