Traffic School – Free Spanking Photos from Februs

Februs 6 saw Maisie Taylor and Anne Jenkins attend ‘Traffic School’ as an alternative to being fined and collecting points on their driving licences. The course leader, Mr Martin, takes a no nonsense approach with the young women sent to his classes – spanking and more severe forms of corporal punishment are remedial options available to him. Girls who fail to participate fully in the programme will learn their lesson the hard way. Although they don’t know it yet, both Maisie and Anne will be heading home with sore bottoms this evening…

We hope you enjoy seeing these photos of Maisie Taylor receiving her just deserts. Next week we’ll be featuring some more unpublished spanking photos of Anne Jenkins. To download a copy of Februs 6 click on the highlighted link.

You can view all of our free spanking photos from Janus and Februs by clicking on the highlighted link.

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