The Visage of Offence – Februs 45

Whispering voices can be heard through the office door. The usual last minute nerves no doubt: the girl’s voice whining, the man’s cajoling. A common pattern, although sometimes the roles are reversed. This is, of course, an equal opportunities employer. She is told to stand in the centre of the room by a stool. They discuss her but do not consult her. Chloe stands silent, unmoving. She was told to dress comfortably so her long dark hair falls straight to her shoulders and her long slim legs are encased in denim.

The blonde speaks first. ‘Hello, I’m Sally, the Personnel Manager’. Tell us what you think this job involves and why you want it.’ Chloe tries to speak, fails, and starts again.

‘It’s a theme restaurant; a sort of correctional institute. That’s why it’s called “Offenders”. It’s expected that during the evening there will be role play situations where staff are deemed to have committed an offence and are publicly punished for it, either by a supervisor or a customer.’

We hope you enjoy these unpublished photos of Chloe’s punishment interview from the Februs archive. To see more, download a copy of Februs 45 by clicking on the highlighted link.

Once Chloe has left there is still unfinished business for our interview panel – there are some outstanding matters that concern Sally, the Personnel Manager.  We’ll be featuring some unseen images of Sally’s punishment next week.

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