The Two Faces of Evie (Part One) – Janus 129

Evie is 21 years old and says that she is a typical Gemini. So typical in fact that there are two sides to her character and she admits that she is sometimes powerless to control the transition between them. On the one hand she says she is naive, submissive and trusting, while on the other, she admits to an assertive, exhibitionist and gregarious streak that can often intimidate, but frequently ensures she is misunderstood.

Strangely, she feels more feminine as ‘little Evie’ than she does when she is the raunchy, overtly sexual ‘Eve’.

Many collectors agree that Janus 129 was a classic issue. Not only did it feature the lovely Lucy Bailey and some unpublished photos of Sophie Fennington from Janus 53, but it also included this excellent photo fantasy.

We’ve dug out some unseen photos of ‘little Evie’ for your enjoyment. Some unpublished images of ‘Eve’ will follow – watch this space!

To download a copy of Janus 129 click on the highlighted link.

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