The Punishment Panties – More Free Spanking Photos

As promised last week we are pleased to include some more free spanking photos from Kirsten Holmwood ‘s appearance in Janus 124. All these photos are previously unseen.

Unhappily, her buttocks smouldering, Kirsten peels off her skimpy top and pushes her skirt down. She feels that her face is as red as her blatantly bare bottom must be, and she cannot meet the woman’s eyes. Then she freezes and her wet eyes saucer in fresh alarm, for Miss Hanbury-Boyce has stepped across to a cabinet and returned holding a long, thin stick with a curved handle. She blinks and blenches.

‘Yes’ confirms the woman with a curt nod. ‘It’s a cane.’ She indicates with it’s quivering top. ‘Kneel up on the sofa and present your bottom for a thrashing.’

To see more of Kirsten’s punishment you can download a copy of Janus 124 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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