The ‘Page 2 Bottom’

Regular readers of the magazine during the mid 1980’s will remember a series of photos appearing on page two of a young lady awaiting punishment. The photos never revealed the face of the model and there was much speculation about her identity. Answering a readers letter on this subject in Janus 48 the editor responded:

‘We are delighted that you appreciate our ‘page 2 bottom’. Unfortunately, under no circumstances can we show the face or reveal the identity of the proud possessor of these delightful buttocks. We are sure that our readers would immediately recognise the face of ‘Miss X’, who in one particular sporting field is extremely well known – even famous. To preserve her anonymity, upon which she insists, we cannot use her in our photo fantasies. If she ever changes her mind we will certainly show her face.’

Intriguing! Our ongoing archive work has recently unearthed prints of the five ‘page 2’ photos that appeared in Janus 44, 45, 46, 47 and 48. We’re pleased to present scans of all five prints below. We’ll probably never know the identity of the young lady in question but it’s always fun to speculate…

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