The Fresh Lieutenant – A Janus Caning Story

A Caning Story from Janus 45. Moe stories are available here.

The Fresh Lieutenant
by Andrew Grantham

THE HALF-DOZEN CLERKS in the Company’s HQ office could hardly believe their eyes. They stood rigidly to attention as Major Sounders introduced their new officer to them, twirling one end of his red moustache as he did so.

‘This is Lieutenant Ashcroft,’ he intoned. ‘I’m sure you didn’t expect a WRAC officer taking over, however…’

Lance Corporal Neil Weston didn’t listen to what the Major was saying. He stood behind his desk, soaking up the sight of the very delectable lieutenant who had just been posted in. To think that he had been on the point of applying for a discharge. Not now. He’d stay with the colours for at least a little while longer.

Lieutenant Ashcroft stood at ease, smiling at the men who were to be under her command. She was on the tall side, not slim but with just the right amount of flesh on what seemed to be a perfect bone structure. Long, smooth legs disappeared under her green skirt. Tightly encased breasts pushed provocatively at the tunic of her uniform. Her eyes were blue and alert. Shining blonde hair was tucked neatly into her service cap.

‘I’m very pleased to meet you. I’m sure we’ll all get on well together,’ the WRAC officer said when the Major at last finished his long-winded introduction. The whole time he had been speaking he had been tapping his leg with his swagger stick. It had made Neil smile to himself. Very adept at swinging a stick was the Major.

Lieutenant Ashcroft settled herself in and to the young soldier clerks she became a goddess.

‘I’ll bet all the officers in the Mess are sniffing round after her,’ the Corporal remarked to Neil.

‘No doubt,’ sighed Neil. ‘The gorgeous Lieutenant is obviously out of our league.’ He smiled. ‘Still. There’s always good old Rosie in the NAAFI.’

Rosie was a very obliging girl and she could take a bit of stick. Indeed, she very much enjoyed taking a bit of stick. And Neil enjoyed giving it to her!

Halfway through the first week the WRAC officer, in shirt-sleeve order, came out into the general office and asked for a batch of new pay books.

Eager to please, Neil shot to his feet and opened the doors of a big metal cupboard. Too late, he realised! The inside of the door bore his collection of colour pages taken from his favourite CP magazine. There, in all their naked glory were excellent striped bottoms, wealed bums and blazing backsides.

‘Oh… er… s-sorry ma’am,’ stammered Neil, quickly closing the door with a resounding clang. ‘I’ll take them down,’ he offered.

The young officer cleared her throat and licked her lips. She looked at Neil and their eyes flashed messages to each other. ‘It doesn’t matter,’ she said softly. ‘Don’t mind me.’

She turned on her heel and went back to her office. Neil watched how her arse shifted from side to side with each step she took. He was unaware of the ribbing from his colleagues as he stroked his chin and pondered. Was she a submissive? What a mind-boggling, mind-blowing thought. He sighed wistfully. Even if she was, there was no way a lowly Lance Corporal was going to get at her arse. Major Saunders had probably slapped an ‘out of bounds to junior ranks’ label on it already!

That same night, Neil was doing a stint as Duty Clerk when into the office came none other than the Lieutenant herself. He started to get to his feet but she motioned him to stay seated. To his surprise, she sat on the edge of his desk. Neil found her close proximity sensual and stimulating. But what was she up to?

‘It’s about those photos in the cupboard,’ she began.

Neil gazed into her blue eyes, completely besotted by the young woman. ‘If they offend you, I’ll remove them right away,’ he offered, starting to get up.

‘No. It’s all right.’ Her soft, warm hand closed around his and the touch of her sent a tremor through his body.

She looked around her to make sure they were on their own. ‘Are you into that kind of thing?’ she asked huskily. ‘Canings and spankings and things like that?’

‘Yes. I am actually,’ he smiled. ‘It isn’t against Queen’s Regulations, is it?’

She smiled and her teeth were a crescent of white against the red of her lips. ‘I don’t honestly know,’ she admitted.

Her smile faded and her beautiful face became serious. Neil’s eyes narrowed. He had noted the rise and fall of her bosom and the slight flaring of her nostrils.

‘If I tell you something in confidence,’ she said in a half whisper, ‘will you keep it to yourself?’

‘I’ve signed the Official Secrets Act,’ smiled Neil, his heart thumping. He somehow knew what that confidence was going to be.

Her shapely legs began to swing gently and she kept her head down, avoiding his gaze as she continued speaking.

‘I’m into it myself,’ she revealed.

Neil’s heart performed a somersault.

Lieutenant Ashcroft smoothed out imaginary creases in her uniform skirt. ‘Receiving it that is, rather than giving it,’ she added softly. She raised her head and looked directly at him. ‘Would you be… er… willing to perform the honours for me some time?’ she smiled shyly.

Would he? Neil thought for a moment that he must be dreaming and that he would wake up – probably in the guardroom or in the glasshouse!

‘You… you… mean…?’ he stammered, unable to complete the sentence.

The officer raised her eyebrows. ‘Just because I have pips on my shoulders,’ she grinned, pointing to her badges of rank, ‘doesn’t mean I don’t like getting strips on my bottom! Officers are only human, you know.’

Neil was on the point of saying that he knew some who weren’t, the Major for instance, but he wisely refrained.

‘I’m trained to take orders,’ he replied instead.

She slid gracefully off the desk. Neil’s eyes were naturally drawn to the contours of her behind. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined that anyone so gorgeous could possibly offer her bottom to him. The euphoria melted however, when a new thought crowded into his head.

‘Hang on a minute ma’am,’ he said, wanting to reach out and touch her, yet finding the caste barrier holding him back. After all, she was an officer. ‘I share a room with a couple of other blokes and there’s no way I can get into the Officers’ Mess.’

She flashed him a smile that caused his knees to tremble. ‘Don’t worry about that,’ she assured him. ‘I’m moving out of the Mess on Friday. I’ve rented a house in the village.’

‘That’s okay then,’ Neil heard himself saying.

She wrote down the address on a piece of paper. Still in somewhat of a daze, he took it from her, their hands touching momentarily. Again, the electric shock went through him.

After she had gone, Neil stared at the piece of paper for ages. She had even written down the time she wanted him to call – Saturday, eight o’clock.

Gradually Neil began to come to. He was in high spirits, despite his stint of extra duty. He smiled as he imagined the reaction of the Major if he ever found out that the Office Commander was getting her arse ‘seen to’ by a humble Lance Corporal subordinate!

Lieutenant Ashcroft totally ignored Neil the following day, save for one incident when she criticised a minor detail of his work in front of others. Nobody could ever have guessed what the unlikely couple had planned for eight o’clock on the Saturday night.

The last chime of the village church clock was fading away as Neil somewhat nervously ‘pinged’ the bell of a small stone house which still had a ‘To Let’ sign in the garden. He had a lingering fear that the Major himself would open the door and give him a dressing-down about fraternising with the officers or something.

He needn’t have worried. Lieutenant Ashcroft herself opened the door and with a gleaming smile bade him welcome.

She was wearing a short-sleeved, gossamy dress which clung to all the promises beneath. Her lightly tanned legs were bare and her feet were neatly tucked into red leather high-heeled shoes. Bra-less nipples jiggled about beneath the filmy covering of the dress.

She turned around and Neil followed the sweetly-bottomed creature into the living room.

‘Call me Susan please, Neil,’ she asked him, pointing towards the settee. ‘At least, while I’m not in uniform.’

The young soldier sank down into the settee. Susan parked her lovely bottom on the padded arm and crossed one elegant leg over the other.

‘You haven’t got to rush away, have you?’ she asked.

‘No,’ he said, swallowing hard. ‘I’m at your service for as long as you want.’

‘Super,’ she sighed. ‘We can take our time. I must say, it’s awfully good of you to give up your Saturday night for me.’

Neil politely told her to think nothing of it.

They had a few drinks and got to know each other a lot better. Susan’s father had been a regular soldier which meant that she had attended a number of boarding schools both at home and abroad. It was probably in those establishments that she had become addicted to corporal punishment.

‘I was quite naughty when I was younger,’ she confessed with an enchanting giggle.

It relaxed Neil and he felt as though the invisible barrier between them had been lifted.

‘I was forever getting the cane,’ she recalled. ‘Of course I hated it at first, but once I sort of transcended the pain threshold, I got to like it.’ Her fine, golden eyebrows lifted. ‘Then I used to make sure I always got whacked by the male teachers,’ she added with a grin.

Neil ran a hand over the soft down on her arm. She liked it. Susan Ashcroft was a very sensual creature. It was also clear to Neil that she was still somewhat lonely in her new posting.

‘I didn’t bring a cane with me,’ the soldier said after a while. ‘Have you got one?’

Neil knew that practically every garden and greenhouse in the village could supply a cane if need be so he was sure he could always obtain one by stealth if necessary. He didn’t have to, however – Susan produced a thin cane from a drawer in a Welsh dresser.

‘This is one of my favourites,’ she told him proudly, handing it over. ‘It stings like mad.’

Neil took it from her, wondering just who had used it before on her willing backside. The feel of the cane in his hands gave him a sensation of power over the girl – a complete reversal in fact of their normal everyday roles in life. And the reality, coming after so much fantasy, thrilled him to a quite fantastic degree.

‘We’d better get started then,’ he said to her, making himself sound nonchalant and swishing the cane through the air to get the feel of it.

Susan lowered her head and with noticeably trembling fingers she began to unfasten the thin button-through dress.

Neil closed the heavy velvet curtains and switched on all the lights. Then he dragged a small-backed dining chair across the carpet into the centre of the room.

The blonde stepped out of her dress, a vision of loveliness as she stood to attention proudly thrusting forward her lemon-shaped breasts.

Neil walked slowly around her fresh, young body like a Sergeant Major inspecting his squad, with the cane tucked under his arm. The girl was surely a gift from heaven.

‘I’ll let your hair down,’ he said softly. Then he reached up and took out the clips. Her golden hair cascaded down over her shoulders.

The young soldier continued his inspection of the upper half of her body. Her breasts were unbelievably delicate with shadowy blue veins barely visible beneath the pale flesh. Of course, he couldn’t resist touching them. Susan closed her eyes and ran the tip of her tongue across her upper lip as her nipples rigidified under his touch.

Not a word passed between the young couple as Susan stood to attention whilst Neil continued with the inspection of the delectable young woman who was completely at his disposal.

Her skimpy, silken panties slid down her legs as Neil gently eased the elastic away from her flesh. The tiny scrap of material became entangled in her feet. Neil permitted his hand to touch her bushy groin before walking around her to observe his target area.

Susan’s apple-round bottom was perfection itself – resilient, deep-clefted and just inviting the attention of anyone who delighted in using a cane or a strap or whatever. Its beauty was simply breathtaking.

Although she didn’t say anything, it was obvious from the change in Susan’s breathing and the way she rocked on her feet that she was both aroused by this preliminary and desperately anxious for him to start work on her. Neil kept her waiting as he circled her several times. Her body twitched as he ran the length of the cane over her breasts, across her waist and over the very smooth silky skin of her bottom. He was very much in command of the situation. Susan would not move until she got his order.

Eventually, he gave it in a crisp, clear, authoritative tone. ‘Lean over the back of the chair, Susan. Your hands on the seat and your bottom well up in the air!’

Her superb form seemed to float across the carpet until she came to the chair. She took a deep breath, bent forward and positioned herself perfectly. The young officer was obviously well used to having her backside scored and scorched. She had admitted to him that it had become a craving.

Neil himself took a deep breath before he raised the cane in the air. Laying into Rosie’s backside wouldn’t be the same again.

Down swept the lithe rod and it seemed to be glued to the centre of her buttocks before it sprang back. Neil would not have liked to be on the receiving end of that himself!

‘Aaaaaahh!’ The sound from Susan’s lips wasn’t a sound of agony. It was a sound of pleasure.

The cane left its bright red mark behind. Neil aimed so that the next stripe would be about half an inch below it. It was. Susan’s body jerked and quivered. Her well-moulded legs parted slightly.

‘You’re good,’ breathed the blonde. ‘You’re hurting me already.’

‘It’s the way you want it, isn’t it?’ asked Neil softly.

‘Oh yes please,’ she sighed. ‘Just keep on hurting me.’

The rod swished down again – lower this time to land with a crack just above the top of the finest pair of thighs Neil had ever seen.

‘Oooh!’ responded Susan. She was now coming alive with the impact of the cane. The blood in her veins had been replaced by a liquid fire that was being pumped from the cauldron of her bottom.

As far as Neil was concerned, it was a sheer delight to punish her. For Susan it was pleasure and not punishment as her pain-drenched body continued to soak up everything that Neil could give it.

The soldier didn’t spare her. Every stroke was powerful, well-delivered and carefully placed.

Susan’s bottom was hungry and it rose up to greet each stroke before devouring it greedily.

‘Aaaagh!’ she groaned.

‘Oh!oh!oh!’ she panted.

‘EEEEkkkk!’ she squealed, shaking her head from side to side so that her silky golden hair swayed in a constant movement.

The sting of the light, whippy cane she herself had chosen sent nerve-tingling sensations thorough every fibre of her body.

Each high-pitched swish of the cane resulted in a cry and a wriggle whilst her feet beat a tattoo on the patterned carpet.

Neil began to perspire with his exertions. Susan’s buttocks became a complete mass of fiery, criss-crossing weals. ‘Perhaps you’ve had enough now?’ he suggested.

The girl’s answer was an emphatic shake of her golden head. She parted her legs even more and poked her bum even higher to display herself quite lewdly.

Neil smiled. She was a girl in a million and he was the luckiest man in the whole of the British Army.

Her bottom winced in anguished anticipation as Neil prepared for the next stroke. Inevitably, it whipped across earlier scarlet weals. Susan’s cry was hoarse and her knees sagged to hit the back of the chair.

‘I’m only going to give you one more,’ he told her. He had given about all he could.

The well-used wand bit into her ravaged arse for the last time. Its mark was immediately lost amongst all the others.

‘Oh… ee… oh… agh!’ she yelled out as she jerked upright. Her body shuddered and she sank slowly to her knees with her face resting on the back of the chair.

Neil, his mouth and lips bone dry, put down the cane and went to her.

‘I’m okay,’ she panted. ‘Just give me half a minute.’

It was less than 30 seconds however before she got up.

‘Gosh!’ she breathed. ‘You can certainly give it to a girl.’

Susan pressed herself to him. Her nipples were erect and hard like pencil erasers and her mouth was wet and warm.

Afterwards they lay beside each other listening to each other’s heart-beats. Her long lashes rested on her cheeks when her eyes were closed.

Susan moved and her warm, soft, lovely body demanded his attention again.

‘I wonder if we can be court-martialled for what we’re going?’ she giggled.

* * *

Susan did not betray the fact of their close relationship when normal duties resumed after the weekend. Neil wonder when the next session would take place. The sooner the better of course, but he knew that her stripes would take some time to mend. Nobody looking at the smart, exceptionally attractive young WRAC officer would ever guess what state her bottom was in.

The young soldier never imagined for one moment that Lieutenant Ashcroft would order him to take part in an exercise! One of the ‘perks’ of being a military clerk was being able to ‘wangle’ oneself out of irksome and demanding chores. He marched in to see her to complain,

He knew it was a mistake right away. Susan Ashcroft had been his plaything at the weekend but now Lieutenant Ashcroft was very much the army officer. ‘There’s much more to being a soldier than pushing a pen, Lance Corporal Weston,’ she said icily.

The only thing that cheered him up as he crouched in his foxhole eating his ‘K’ rations was the thought that he might once again savour the delights of his officer’s magnificent posteriors.

To make matters worse Major Saunders started to throw his weight around, presumably trying to impress his new Lieutenant. One of his targets was Neil and the soldier clerk had to bite his tongue several times, not wishing to be put on a charge for insolence.

About ten days after the sound thrashing he had administered, Neil invited himself back to Susan’s rented house.

‘Come in,’ she said cheerfully, looking deliciously attractive in a baggy grey sweater and tight faded blue jeans. Her hair was loose though well-brushed, and it swung as she walked.

On his only previous visit to her house, Susan had been crying out for the cane. This time was different however. Over a couple of drinks she politely made it clear that her bottom was out of bounds to him. Maybe next time.

Neil was not so easily put off. He had already had a few beers in the village pub and the whisky on top of what he had previously drunk made him throw caution to the winds.

‘I’m going to smack your bottom Susan, you naughty girl,’ he grinned, advancing to sit beside her on the settee. ‘I’m going to get my own back for that exercise!’

‘No. Please don’t!’ begged Susan, sensing the force of his intention.

‘I’m not taking no for an answer,’ he said sternly. ‘Come here.’

With that he made a grab for the blonde and despite her protestations, he soon had her across his knee. Her shapely legs, which completely filled out the denim of her jeans, flailed wildly until he trapped them between his own legs.

Susan continually pleaded with him to let her go, but Neil was determined to scorch her pretty bottom with the palm of his hand. He worked his fingers round to the front of her jeans, undid the button and lowered the zipper with a harsh, rasping noise. He tugged away the denim jeans and her cotton panties both together as the girl, resigned to the inevitable, ceased her struggling.

Neil was totally unprepared for what he saw.

‘Good God!’ he exclaimed.

Ridged weals desecrated her splendid backside and it was obvious they hadn’t been there all that long.

‘No wonder you weren’t keen to show off your arse,’ he said grimly.

He traced his forefinger along all the convex ridges causing Susan to wince. ‘Those aren’t self-inflicted,’ he remarked. ‘I’ll bet I know who did it. Was it the Major?’

‘Yes,’ Susan replied weakly.

‘Damn the man!’ exclaimed Neil. ‘I’m beginning to hate him. I had Rosie’s arse all to myself until he found out. Now he’s got you as well!’

Susan twisted her head to look at the soldier and she brushed some stray hair away from one eye.

‘Be fair, Neil,’ she implored. ‘I didn’t give you sole caning rights, you know.’

Neil’s lips set in a grim line. Susan’s backside belonged to her right enough and she could let whoever she liked loose on it. All the same he was very upset that he was sharing the honours with someone else. The fact that it was the Major made it even worse.

‘I can’t very well smack your bottom in the state it’s in,’ he told her, his lips curling into a grin. ‘I’ll just have to be satisfied with your thighs instead.’

Susan’s mouth opened but no sound came from it – not until Neil slapped his open hand against the side of her thigh.


His hand cracked down onto the back of the other thigh.

‘Ooh!’ gasped Susan. She looked at him. Her blue eyes, cloudy before, were now wide and shining as she soaked up slap after slap.

Soon the backs of both thighs were a burning red. She gasped as her flesh stung and then smouldered.

‘I’ve never taken as much as this in one day before,’ she breathed harshly.

Neil’s arm began to tire and the rain of blows slowly petered out. The coup de grace however was a full-blooded smack across the already beaten crown of her bottom.


The blonde seemed to rise up in the air with the effect of the final slap. Her head thrashed from side to side and her body went rigid as the white heat of fierce pain engulfed her. The flame reached its peak, died down and her body became limp.

* * *

It was a couple of weeks later before Neil got the chance to visit Susan again. She submitted to his visual and physical inspection and obediently bent her graceful body over the back of the chair.

Neil took careful aim at the masterpiece of sculpting that was her backside.



Susan uttered an orgasmic-like groan as the pain began to spread. It took a dozen strokes to make her cry out however.

Neil smiled as he lifted the agony-laden rod and watched her body indulging in a writhing dance.

He had Susan all to himself. Major Sounders had left for the Falklands that very morning. He had left without knowing that his application for a posting to the South Atlantic outpost had been filled in by Neil. It had been so easy. After all, he had forged the Major’s signature on the multitude of forms on which the Army thrived when the senior officer had been too occupied otherwise to do so himself. Battalion headquarters liked nothing better than a volunteer and the application was speedily processed.

Neil’s favourite officer inhaled urgently, placed her feet further apart and volunteered her bottom for more. Much more!

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