The Exhibitionist – Free Spanking Photos From Janus 58

A selection of free spanking photos from Janus 58.

‘All right Sylvia…’ Robert’s breathing was fast and heavy like it gets when we make love. ‘Kneel up on the sofa!’ Too scared to resist, I did so. ‘Push your bum well out,’ he sneered ‘so your lecherous friend here can take a really good look. It’s nice and pink now…’ Then he added ominously ‘ Soon it will be red as sunset.’

Kneeling up on the cushions, I confess I now arched my back to jut out my bare bottom in a deliberately provocative way towards the cringing watcher as Robert strode across the room and grabbed something from the cupboard. Then, with a disturbing quietness, he removed his jacket. And as I waited in dread for my punishment to resume I sensed the furtive, bespectacled gaze boring holes in my out-thrust bum cheeks in a way that sent naughty thrills rippling through me.

Robert stepped up behind me, raised his arm, and my bum cheeks were flattened by a blistering wallop that drove the breath from me in a shriek. I deserved this thrashing…

We hope you enjoy seeing these beautiful colour plates from Janus 58 which have been scanned from the original negatives. If you want to see more of Muriel’s punishment then you can download a copy of Janus 58 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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