The Cleansing – Free Spanking Photos

Free Spanking Photos from Janus 131

As Simon Moffat sat waiting for her, he read his newspaper. Or seemed to be doing. In fact he could hardly make out a word of it. Quite a few years had passed since he had done what he was about to do. Then, with his girlfriend Claire, it had been fun role-play (Janus 108) that almost always ended with fantastic sex. But this punishment session promised to be very different. This wasn’t intended to be fun, and there would be no sex to follow. This was going to be for real and he’d better make sure it was. 

Well, Claire had long since gone her own way. Now, as he pretended to read, Simon did his best to calm himself, and hoped the paper didn’t shake in his trembling hands. He’d left the street door on the latch. All his visitor had to do was push it open and climb the stairs to the fate awaiting her.

To Naomi Smith, that fate was simply awesome: to be thrashed without mercy by a complete stranger. She came, shivering with trepidation, through the door and heard it click shut behind her. She almost opened it again and ran in panic down the street to the refuge of her little flat, but knew that if she did so her self respect would die another thousand deaths. She needed to feel clean again…

We hope you enjoy this selection of unpublished photos of Naomi Smith’s punishment. We think you’ll agree that they compliment the earlier post of images beautifully. To see more of Naomi you can download a copy of Janus 131 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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